Sunday, August 19

Monkey Beach Towel

It was a busy weekend with two birthday parties in opposite DFW metroplex counties... one in Denton and another in Tarrant. 

The first party was in Bedford for my cousin's baby girl Mia who just turned one.  So hard to believe this baby is one and walking-running all over the place.  Little Mia is crazy about monkeys and by total chance I found the perfect beach towel to embroider for her.

This is a Jelly Beans beach towel from Kohl's.  Here is a scan of the tag so you can see what the whole towel looks like.

I debated about where to add the embroidery, I think it turned out pretty cute in purple on the leaf (luckily Mia is a short name and it fit just right).  

Thanks for stopping by! 

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