Sunday, August 26

Zippered Weenie Dog Pouch

We are all set for the first day of school tomorrow.  Micaela is very excited to begin second grade. 
Earlier this week, hubby took her to the optometrist for an eye exam.  Long story short, she needs glasses.  She is very excited.  Yesterday, we went to pick out frames and do some shopping.  She picked out hot pink frames and loves them.

Here she is....
The first thing Daddy did when we got home was give her the 411 on taking care of her glasses.... things like always put them in the case, never clean them with anything except a special cleaning cloth, never lay them face down ect. 

The lens place gave her a hard case but it was kinda plain so I decided to make her a cute one with some of the left over weenie dog fabric from the pillowcases earlier in the week.

This design is from Five Star Fonts and includes stipple quilting, lining and no exposed seams on the inside.  She told me she loves it and requested a different one for every season.  Oh my, the apple doesn't fall from the tree.  Another accessory to add to the many things we already keep track of.  Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by.

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