Friday, August 24

Weenie Dog Pillowcases

Happy Friday!  Today Micaela gets to meet her second grade teacher and she is so excited.  We've been working on finishing up her new room (remember my deadline was by the time school started).  Well I've moved ALL of my craft stuff out, we painted and her stuff is in place.  Now we need to purchase a new desk and dresser. 

Her new color scheme is pinks, black and white, she wants nothing springy.  Well, that all went out the window when I came home from JoAnn with some springy weenie dog fabric.  I thought it was so cute, I could not resist. 

We decided to make pillowcases out of the fabric.  I probably should have monogramed or embroidered and used some contrasting fabric for the band but I didn't have any fabric that was exactly the same blend so I just did the whole thing out of the same fabric and passed on the embroidery 

She tried out the new pillowcases last night and she was excited to read her favorite weenie dog book for bedtime...   This Pretzel book is by Margaret Ray and was written in 1944, it's about Pretzel the longest dachshund in the world and oh so cute! 
Oreo got so excited he joined her in bed too. 
I have more of this fabric so expect to see more things for Micaela made out of it.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Just too cute - the fabric and the photo of Michaela and Oreo!