Tuesday, February 9

Teacher Valentine Favor

I am on the Teacher Appreciation committee at our daughter's school. We provide lunch for the staff meetings every other month. Since I work, it's really hard for me to contribute food because I would be dropping it off four hours before they eat. This month I volunteered to make a little favor.
These are Wilton tins from the bridal section of the craft store filled with Valentine M&M's. I purposely did not put Happy Valentine's Day on the labels so they could refill the tin with different candy and it wouldn't look "outdated" on their desks. The scallop and circle were both done with Stampin' Up! punches and I printed the white cardstock on the computer. These are super quick and easy!
Here they are on a heart tray. I literally took this picture with them on the hood of my car before walking in to deliver them! Thanks for stopping by...

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