Tuesday, February 23

Crazy Ten Days

Right after posting about Micaela's Valentine Bubbles on the 11th, I received a call from my parents letting me know my Dad needed to have OPEN HEART SURGERY. Needless to say, Micaela and I were on a plane headed to South Texas on Sunday, Valentine's Day!

My Dad is nearly 80 and his Aorta valve was not operating properly. Long story short, his valve was replaced and two bypasses were done. Praise God, the surgery went very well and he is recuperating! We were gone for a full week and have been I am going through more than 1000 emails (I subscribe to alot of newsletters and blogs).

I've been skimming through all the emails trying to catch up on stamping, cooking and embroidery happenings and just got a wonderful surprise about an hour ago when I read the "You Can Make This" newsletter published by SWAKembroidery.com! Two of my projects were featured in the spotlight and I won the weekly contest!! Woo Hoo! I am so excited!

The projects I submitted were my first towel and the gardening apron shown here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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