Tuesday, February 23

PJs for Dad

Right after the news about my Dad and while making plans to fly down, I decided I NEEDED to make him something. The big question was "what do you embroider for an older man?". After much thought, I decided the best thing would to monogram some pajamas. I knew they would come in handy during the recuperation at home after his open heart surgery. So the day before we flew out of town, we went on a hunt to find flannel pajamas. Holy cow, you would think those would be easy to find 'during' winter but we actually had a hard time. Finally, after 3 stores we ended up finding some at JCPenneys! We got home and I immediately went to work.

Here are the three sets, Dad will be lounging & recuperating in style!

I had a difficult time taking these pictures, sorry they are not the best quality. Thanks for stopping by.

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