Thursday, February 11

Love Bubbles

These are the Love Bubbles Micaela will not be giving to her friends at her preschool Valentine's Day party tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow has been declared a snow day. The Dallas Fort Worth area has gotten more than 6 inches of snow, so basically everything has shut down. We actually got these done early, for once I am was not burning the midnight oil making treats the night before. All along, I could have waited an extra few days. Oh well... Micaela will enjoy handing these out on Monday.
Nothing to these, (I am all about simplicity these days)....just a strip of scrapbook paper around the bottle and a tag generated on the computer punched out with the Key Tag punch from Stampin' Up! We did have to reinforce the tag and paper with clear tape because not even red stick strip would keep the tags on the bottles. Hope you are staying warm!

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