Monday, February 11

Sewing Baby Shower

This weekend I hosted a baby shower for one of my dear sewing buddies, Anita.  I hosted the shower at the new Stitched with Love quilting store in my neighborhood.  All of the guests are members of the Plano Quilt Guild so they are seasoned sewists and I thought the quilt store would be a great setting.

The colors for the shower were hot pink and black, chosen by Anita.  I have been making alot of things with this color scheme so I had alot of fabrics in my stash.  During the shower we had snacks and sweets.  This was the sweets table.  The pennant banner was made of fabric and the daisy chain banner was made with cardstock with the baby's name Diana Grace.

Here is a close up of the gourmet Strawberries & Cream popcorn in individual dishes.  I wanted to serve in individual dishes because I thought that would be easier than a big bowl to serve out of.  I had plenty of little bowls but not a single platter that could accommodate them all.  I brainstormed and decided a frame would do the trick so I framed some fabric and tada!   It worked perfectly, the platter and popcorn got great reviews!
Apothecary jars filled with candy are all the rage so this was the perfect excuse to purchase some.  I found some cute scoops at the Container Store.  I was surprised that hardly any of the candy was eaten, I even had little bags and only a few ladies filled them. 
Micaela and I made little favor boxes using my trusty Box #3 Sizzix SU die.  The ice bucket pictured was actually vinyl orange and yellow and at the last minute I covered it with fabric so it would match.

During the shower, we made bibs for baby Diana.  Shirly, one of Anita's friends handled the bib making process and had kit packets made up for everyone.  Here she is explaining everything to all of the ladies.  The bloomers hanging on the design board  behind Shirley are Micaela's bloomers from her toddler days.  I saved them by accident and then when I came across a bag full when I was going to take stuff to a resale shop I decided I could not part with them. 
All of the ladies had a great time sewing. 
Here is a picture of everyone with their bibs!

Here are some of the fabulous handmade gifts Anita received.  

Aren't these little fabric shoes adorable? 
 Here are some of the others.
 It was so much fun to host this shower, thanks for stopping by!

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