Tuesday, February 26

Sweet Pouch Swap- What I sent

I just got an email from my swap partner D in Austria.  She just received my package so I can finally share what I sent her on my blog.  Woo Hoo!

The Sweet Pouch Swap was coordinated by Ros from Australia at Sew Delicious blog, .

Here is the loot!  Notice that perfectly matching pen?  Would you believe my husband made it!  My husband recently started doing wood turning on a lathe and he made that pen from a block of wood.  I got lucky and found some that matched my fabric choices perfectly!  Isn't it fabulous!  Thank you honey!

Ok, on to the other handmade stuff.... I poured over D's blog to get an idea of what she likes.  Danica has quite a few owls on her blog so I decided to make an owl pincushion first.  I shopped around for the perfect fabric that would have green and blue (her favorite colors) in just the right pattern and finally found this Moda Simply Color print by V & Co. 

Isn't he adorable!  The wings open up so you can place your needles and pins inside the flaps. 

 The other fabrics were from my stash. I used some rhinestone brads from Stampin' Up for the pupils in the eyes, I think they add a little sparkle.

Lastly, I used a white on white "Quilt Across Texas" fabric on the back side of the owl just to send something obviously Texas.

After I made the pin cushion I made a matching zipper pouch using the same fabrics.  Danica does not like alot of bling so I only embroidered a D and added a simple owl charm that I got from my friend Ruthie. 
Along with the handmade items, I sent some luggage tags and the required candy.

This is the note I received from her, completely warmed my heart!

Dear Martha,
YOU ARE THE SWEETEST MOST GENEROUS PERSON I KNOW!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!  I LOVE THE LITTLE POUCH!!! Those are the exact colors I would have chosen! And the Owl! How sweet is that! Martha, you don't know, but I grew up reading Dahl, I loved Charlie and the chocolate factory so much and now you are sending me Wonkas Rainbow Nerds!!!!
The pen! I love the colors!  And you know what? I never had good baggage tags!  Martha! You are such a nice person!
I love everything you sent me!  Every little detail is perfect.  I am humbled by your big heart and generosity! Thank you again!  Every time I will look at those wonderful things, I will think of you! And send you and your family loving thoughts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You made me very happy. All the best to you  I have to try the Rainbow Nerds now :-)
Big hug  D

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  1. Those are wonderful colors you chosie, the owl and puse are wonderful, and give a WOOP, WOOP to your DH for making such a wonderful pen.