Tuesday, October 28

We had the party....

This week Micaela and I hosted a little Halloween Party for a couple of her friends and their Mommies. In keeping with my effort to be green I wanted to share what I did our Halloween Party to have zero waste.

Here's Micaela and one of her little friends enjoying a morning snack served in my BOO letter dishes-- Gold Fish and Trix cereal looked cute.

Instead of filling the trashcan with paper plates, plastic forks, cups, tablecloth and decorations after the party was over, here's what we did.
  • I set a little table for Micaela & friends. It's one of those inexpensive kid size card tables with folding chairs. Instead of using a paper or plastic table cloth, I made one out of two one yard remants of seasonal fabric. I made the tablecoth reversible one side black, the other with a jack-o-lantern print.

  • Instead of buying Halloween paper napkins, we used cloth. (Don't freak). I have always liked to use cloth napkins for parties, I usually just buy fabric by the yard, cut out squares 17x17 and sew a simple hem. I thought my black ones would be too morbid for kids and didn't have orange... thank goodness I had some yellow gingham ones from my Pink, Blue and Yellow stash for Baby Showers.

  • We used real forks--- no plastic

  • All the decorations outside and inside were from my stash--most I've had for 6 to 10 years.

  • I used re-usable plastic pumpkin shaped plates for the girls... Got them at a discount store on clearance 2 for $1 when Micaela was a baby-- glad to finally have used them for the first time this year.

  • Used reusable cups for their drinks, made one pitcher of Kool-Aid and refilled the cups as needed (eliminated juice boxes/pouches). The pumpkin cups were one of the favors.

All in all, zero waste and the girls had a great time.

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