Sunday, October 21

Witch Shoe

I made this cute witch shoe at the North Texas Shoe Box Swap last weekend. This is the swap, Tabitha Price brought. The shoe looked a little naked, so I added the scallop circle, punched flower, button and bow to the toe after I got home. Remember when you bought plain pumps and dressed them up with clips? That is what I was reminded of when I was making this. I had a bunch of different clips for all my pumps back in the early 90's. I was right out of college and trying so hard to look grown up and business-like at my first job at MCI. I wore business suits, panty hose and high heels every day to work-- Ugh, I am dating myself so I will stop.

This really is not that hard to make. It takes one 8.5x11 sheet of card stock. Ideally you print or trace the pattern on the sheet, then with a straight edge score all the folds. Assembling is pretty easy because it's completely symetrical. If you are interested in the pattern for this I know it's on SCS. I think they are darling. I'd like to make some with Bashful Blue card stock for a little Cinderella party for Micaela some day. Wouldn't that be too cute?

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