Monday, October 15


Five years ago this week in 2002, Troy and I took our first picture together. At the time we had been casually dating for about 6 weeks--just barely getting to know each other. This particular night, I was hosting a chick party... my first "Witch Gathering"-- just a bunch of girlfriends getting dressed up like witches for a fun time before Halloween. This party has since become an annual tradition. Back then, I did not know that a year later I would be engaged, a year after that married, the next pregnant and the following a mother. I think he sent this to his mother and told her I was the new girl he was dating--- I am sure that made an impression!
Here we are... we've obviously both aged!

Here's me with two of my witch friends, Kristi -- friend from college and Judy-- friend from Bonham. Both these ladies have had perfect attendance at all my Witch Gatherings. Notice my spider web

Thanks for letting me reminisce.

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