Friday, October 19


Just in case you wonder what in the world I do when I go to stores on behalf of KitchenAid, here is a before and after of a store I reset yesterday. This is the brand new Dillard's in Stonebriar Centre in Frisco. They have one of the best selections of Artisans in the whole DFW metroplex, 11 colors in stock. Aren't they gorgeous!

Colors from Left to Right.
Top Row: Green Apple, Tangerine, White, Metalic Chrome, and Majestic Yellow.
Bottom Row: Onyx Black, Gloss Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Chrome ($500), Empire Red, and Caviar.


  1. Very nice display - and can I share my KitchenAid story - I have a little aunt who tends to say things sideways? She called my mom one day all excited and said "I got one! I got one of those chicken eggs!!" My mom very sweetly congratulated her and they continued to talk. A little while later my mom asked my aunt "Why are you so excited about a chicken egg?" My aunt says "You love yours so much I just had to get one." My mother says "Carol what ARE you talking about it" My aunt says "You know, the big mixer?" (yes, she meant KitchenAid)

    I'm jealous of your job - I love their products!!

  2. Your display is gorgeous, Martha! You are so talented in so many areas! That's why they call you "Martha", right?!!! lol