Monday, July 15

Hula Girl Zipper Pouch

Micaela was upset when not a single gift shop in Kauai had her name on a souvenir item-- you know the little license plates, key rings and gadgets.  We could not find "Micaela" on anything, anywhere!  I promised to make her something when we got back with some of the fabric I bought at one of the fabric stores.

So here is her very own Hula Girl Zipper Pouch with her name on it! (Poor girl doesn't have very many personalized items-- not). I told her no one in the world has one like it-- that sorta helped.
This print is so darn cute, I got a yard of it and plan to make several things.  Hope you are having a great Monday, thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. How cute and I have 2 grand daughters with names that never, ever are on personalized things.