Saturday, December 22

Proud of MNHS band students

So it's the Saturday before Christmas and Micaela and I venture out to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco (about 10 minutes from our house).  Stonebriar is one of the largest malls in the Southwest.  I typically steer clear of the mall because the crowds are crazy and finding a parking space on a typical Saturday can be a challenge.  I had somethings I wanted to exchange (before the holiday)so we headed out and just hoped for the best

After searching for a parking space, we got one, parked and proceeded to hike to the entrance.  By chance the closest entrance was JCP.  This was not where we were headed but we were just glad to find a parking space and get in the building. 

We walk and walk, we can finally see the door and notice there are two young men playing christmas carols at the entrance.  It was nice listening to the music as we walked.  We start digging in my purse for money to put in the Salvation Army kettle.   As we got closer we noticed they were high school students.  When we got real close, I was elated to see they were from McKinney Boyd High School Band.  We made our little donation and took a picture.  So proud of these kids, I had never seen anyone do this... usually what you hear is the bell ringing.

Thanks for letting me brag about kids in my hometown, hope your holiday shopping is done!

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