Monday, November 12

We just returned from four days in my hometown of Mission.  We traveled there so I could attend my 25 year High School Class Reunion. I graduated from Mission High School in 1988... gulp!  Of course it's hard to believe it's been 25 years!

We had a 500+ mile drive each way and our daughter had to miss two days of school but it was so worth it.  The reunion festivities were spread out amongst three days.  On Thursday we got to tour the school campus and see all the changes and additions that have been made since we left. 

The campus is giant now and even includes a collegiate campus which allows students to get their associates degree while still in high school. 

After the tour we were hosted at a small reception with alumni from other classes. We felt pretty young next to the classes from 1962, 1973, 1983, but a little old next to the class from 1993.

After the reception we attended the Pep Rally.  That was great fun and I was so excited to hear the Mighty Mission Eagle Band play the Fight Song-- weird little things make me happy!

That evening we attended the football game and got to walk across the field-- walking across the field was fun and corny.
Here we are at the football game.  You can see everyone shows thier Mission Eagle pride by wearing marroon and white.  Notice the guy in the red STL hat?  That's Troy showing his hometown pride, LOL.
The next day was our big party.  We had a social hour, sit down dinner, presentations, live band and a photo booth.  It was terrific. 
All the walls at the venue were decorated with poster size copies of our yearbooks, it was great!
Here's a picture of Troy and I.   We really had a good time.

About 20% of the people there I had known since kindergarten, the rest from junior high and of course high school.

Here's a picture of my kindergarten crowd.  This is one successful bunch, we've got people in every field, pharmaceutical sales,  nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, pilot, restaurateur, law enforcement, oil business, etc.  Our elementary was one of five at the time and we had the most representation.

I can't tell you how much fun this weekend was for me,  Troy was a good sport to come along to all the celebrations-- he did well getting to know the few non Mission spouses that were brave enough to attend as well.  I look forward to the next celebration in 5 years!  Thanks for stopping by!

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