Saturday, November 17

Legally Blonde, the musical

Took Micaela to see Legally Blonde, the musical at McKinney Boyd High School last week.  It was really terrific.  We really did love it.  We pretended it was Broadway and got all dressed up. 

I thought it would be great fun because Elle Woods is like a Barbie doll with a cute dog and Micaela loves both. 
Well, I TOTALLY forgot about the gay pool guy accused of the affair with the stepmom, the wife accused of killing her husband PLUS the daughter that kills her Dad.  It was hard to explain all that on the way home.  I tried to focus the conversation on the incredible music and singing.  Wish someone had warned me, putting this out there for any Moms out there who might research ahead of taking young daughters.   I will say, the musical was really wonderful, it's just not totally appropriate for young children. 

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