Monday, July 30

L'Amour de la vie Tote

For the last eleven and a half months we have had the most fabulous intern at our office.  K is a graduate of one of our high schools here in McKinney, went away and got her Bachelor's degree and came back home for a year while she applied for graduate schools.  Over the last year, she has shadowed me, helped me and the rest of our staff on countless projects, worked countless early mornings, late evenings and weekends over the last year all for no pay!  She's headed to St. Edward's University in Austin for a Professional Science Master's Environmental Management and Sustainability in a couple of weeks and I am going to miss her terribly. 

I've been brain storming about making her something over the last few weeks.  The other day while looking for fabric, I came across the most perfect fabric for her.  This is L'Amour De La Vie by Hoodie and manufactured by Timeless Treasures
This fabric is perfect in so many ways.... First this fabric has cats on it... K loves her kitty.  Second, there's trees... what else could represent represent the environment and sustainability more than trees.  Then third are the Eifle towers, Sara is headed to France for her second year of graduate school.

After showing her the fabric, she said she wanted a tote so this is what I came up with. 
I used fusible fleece and then used my "darning" sewing foot to do some free motion quilting (first time to do that). 
I used a olive green polka dot to line the inside of the bag, added a small pocket for keys or cell phone.  This was such a nice break from the room swap we have underway.
I plan to make her a few other things to coordinate but it will be a week before I can sew again.  I am headed out of town for family funeral and will be gone for most of the week. 

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