Monday, July 16

Another Pop Monkey Set

This has got to be my most popular item in my Etsy store.  I think I have made about 10 of these Pop Monkey Burp Cloth & Bib Sets.  It all started with one set I made for Micaela's preschool teacher 3+ years ago and I have been making these ever since.  I am glad this fabric is still available. 
This order was headed to California, not sure of the ethnicity of the family receiving it but this was the exact spelling they specified. 
I did something a little different this time on the raw edge, instead of a rolled edge with zigzag stitching, I  added binding made from the same fabric.  I like this look even though it's a little more time consuming. 

This set was a piece of cake, but last week I got a challenging request for a burp and bib set for twin baby boys with a deer hunting theme...  I am almost finished with that set and I will be posting it later on this week.  Hope you have a great Monday!  Stay cool in this summer heat.   

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