Tuesday, June 19

Owl Needlecase

Eeek, I did not mean to be MIA this last week.  I made it to the Needlecase Exchange at my LQS, Quilt Asylum (last Monday) and the rest of the week flew by!

The Needlecase exchange was fun,  in all the excitement and rush, I barely took photos of the needlecase I made.  I made this owl...

This is a duplicate of the owl I made back in April, the wings open up to hold needles and the pocket holds scissors and other small accessories.   This is an In the Hoop pattern from Embroidery Garden.   I love this grey and pink color scheme.  It's hard to tell in this picture--  the pink fabric has a needle and thread design.  The recipient was a new lady that I had not met before and she was very happy to get my little owl so that was fun.

As I mentioned last week was nuts, during the week I was preparing for three workshops I was coordinating and hosting at work..... Composting, Rain Barrel Building and Firewise Landscaping, chaufering Micaela to art camp and I am getting prepared to go to a conference for a week with work so I have been busier than usual.

I've got some fun projects I am finishing up and I am looking forward to posting them in the next week or so...  Stay tuned, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Yor owl turned out great. I'm glad you enjoyed my design. Thanks for the link. Reen