Saturday, June 23

Micaela sews again

This weekend we were at the fabric store and Micaela asked to buy fabric to make a dress.  After much discussion, we settled on some smocked fabric that could easily become a dress.
Here she is sewing the single straight seam along the back.
Here she is during her fitting...  She wanted the dress to be strapless.  I am a mean Mom and said 
Here she is ironing the straps--- remember she wanted strapless.  Not happy, but is thrilled to get the opportunity to iron.   

The finished dress. After much discussion, settled on v straps that attached to the dress in the back (she did not want them to tie). Had to bribe her to add ric rak. Embellished with yo yo and button (nuts about yo yos these days).
She looks too grown up, what are we going to do!!!  Nine dollars on fabric, very well spent!

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