Tuesday, December 4

I am back...

What a busy few weeks we've had! After being in the valley for a week, two days after we arrived, my parents and brother were in town for a convention in Fort Worth and at the same time my long time friend M'Lissa was in town from Shreveport for the weekend as was another girlfriend from high school plus I had several KA events. S0, last night as I went to bed, I thought tomorrow (meaning today) would be the first calm day we've had in a few weeks. I didn't need to be anywhere, Micaela didn't have school, no company, absolutely no agenda. My plan was to hang the Christmas lights in the front porch and bushes, do some stamping and maybe even some baking. Well, it didn't quite turn out that way....

I woke up with my left eye sealed closed (pink eye). Needless to say, it was a very rough morning. The first thing I did was remove my extended wear contacts and put on my glasses. I don't wear my glasses very often so it takes a while for my eyes to adjust (everything seems curved to me-- so I tend to do everything slow). I think I've washed my hands 1000 times today because I don't want anyone else to get it. Micaela kept asking if I was crying. I finally put a gauze patch on my left eye so I wouldn't be wiping off so much. Then Micaela thought I looked like a pirate. When DH got home after noon, I was still in my pj's, wearing the patch with my glasses and I hadn't even brushed my hair! Yesterday we celebrated our 41st month anniversary so when he walked in the door, I told him, "this is what happens to wives after 41 months!" ha ha!

I was able to get a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. I waited for almost 30 min in the waiting room, saw the doc for less than 5 minutes, got charged my $30 co-pay and was sent on mt merry way with a prescription. I went straight to the pharmacy and was told there was an hour wait. So I wandered over the grocery store nearby to kill some time. While I looked around I saw this little pad of recipes by the Nestle Toll House stuff. After reading all the recipes, I decided the Holiday Snowball Cookies with Holiday Swirled Morsels looked kinda fun so I bought the morsels and headed back to the pharmacy to get my prescription. The line was long and finally after another 15-20 minutes I got to the front. I gave the attendant my name, she got my prescription and says "it's $25". I figured they had not entered in our insurance info so I give her the card again and expected the amount to decrease by say ten dollars. Nope, the attendant tells me "the $25 price is with insurance, otherwise it would be $75"! So I pay and go.

I got home 3 hours after I left, go to use the drops and I am shocked at the size of the bottle. It's teeny weeny. I mean teeny weeny, it's like a fourth of the size of a reinker! I think there is more saliva in my mouth than what is in the bottle! So that was my day...

After dinner I was determined to bake the cookie recipe from Nestle.... See the post above for details.

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  1. So much for your "no agenda day"! Bummer! Pink eye? Yuk! Hope it's better soon!