Monday, December 10

Gigantic BRAK from Carole Davids for Micaela

As some of you might have noticed, our daughter Micaela wears a bow pretty much 24/7. I started this when she was an infant and now she knows that we can't leave the house unless she's got a bow on her head.

Well, I was absolutely floored when I opened a box from Carole Davids, one of my readers in Evansville, Indiana this past week. I could not believe the GORGEOUS hair bows, clippies and embellished socks she sent our daughter Micaela. There were five bows, five clippies (technical term) and five pairs of beaded & furry socks.

Check out the slide show below to see each one up close. I love the school house ribbon she used on several of the bows, the little Christmas tree clippy is so darn cute I want to use it to embellish a card and I love the jingling of the bead & button socks.

Carole had emailed me about Micaela's school uniform colors (which are Navy & Red) a few weeks ago so I had a hunch she was going to send Micaela something but this was more than I could have imagined.

I will be taking pictures of Micaela wearing everthing in the coming days but I wanted to post a public thank you as soon as I could.

Thank you CAROLE!

Carole does craft shows in the Evansville area, please write me if you are interested in her information.

BRAK: Blog Random Act of Kindness

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