Monday, January 18

Embroidering everything in sight!

You all know I just got an embroidery machine for my birthday... Well, I have been having a ball! I should have gotten one of these machines years ago, they are so much fun! I could have made tons of things for Micaela when she was a baby. Oh, well now I am just going to play catch up. I literally find myself looking through her closet for items to embroider/monogram. My hubby has made it clear, I can't do any of his stuff so as a last resort when I feel the NEED to embroider, I just find some of Micaela's doll's clothes!

Here are some of my projects....

This was my very first clothing item to embroider. I think I did okay.
Here's a close up of the M. This font if from, it's called Princess Crown. You can find it here.
Here's a lunch box that has seen better days. This is one of Micaela's many lunch bags. Yes, I am even embroidering our "used" items.... LOL.
This is one of Micaela's doll/blanky things. I was trying out this new font, same one as lunch box above.

The newness will wear off soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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