Monday, January 18

My First Embroidered Baby Gift

I was invited to a friends baby shower a couple of weekends ago. I was so excited because I knew I could make a few bibs and burp clothes! So, I call the hostess to rsvp and kindly ask for the baby to be's name. I am told they haven't decided but they know it's a boy. Holy cow, how am I going to make a personalized gift if I don't have the name?

Well, I resorted to the next best thing. I asked the Mom to be for a picture of the bedding. I shopped at three different stores until I found some fabric to coordinate and made a couple of burp clothes and bibs using just the last name.

Here's how they turned out...
And the matching bibs.

The Mommy was thrilled and I was pleased with my results. In the gift, I included a card with an IOU for more once they pick out the name. I am looking forward to making more once they pick out the name- Jack, Daniel or Alexander, which ever it turns out to be!

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