Thursday, June 12

Scrapbook Layouts

About six weeks ago I was able to go on a scrapbooking retreat with some girlfriends and downline. It was absolutely terrific. I glued myself to my chair and worked feverishly the whole time I was there....about 52 hours! In the end I completed about 70 pages, which made me very happy.

I've been scrapping since I was a teenager. I gave it up when I was single and climbing the corporate ladder but once I became engaged my girlfriend Kristi urged me to get back into it. I hestitated because I know myself, in a short period of time I went bananas with supplies and by the time we got married I had a room full of stuff. Two years later, after Micaela was a year old, I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator... so you can only imagine the crowdedness of my craft room today--

In the coming weeks, I will share pictures of some of my layouts. I don't follow any particular rules when I scrap, I mix what I like together and just go with it. Some of my paper is from the dollar store, some is from expensive scrapbook boutiques. Remember, I have a room full of supplies and I am desperately trying to use everything up. Sometimes I stamp, sometimes I use stickers, I sew often. I tend to use alot of ribbon and vintage fabric accessories that I took from my Mom's sewing room. Really, more than anything I just try to capture everyday moments as best I can. I like embellishments but not too many. I try to journal alot, not just about the picture or the event but even boring details too. Overall, my goal is to get the page done and move on to the next set of pictures because I am so far behind.

If your not a scrapper but you are a Mom think about starting a book for your child, they will be thankful for it when they get older....

Here are some of my layouts. These are all 12x12, which are pretty difficult to photograph, forgive the poor quality of the pictures.

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