Wednesday, June 11

I am back...

Sorry for being a bad blogger, between the new job, having out of town parents & inlaws in for a total of 17 days, a scrapbooking retreat, Mother's Day demos for KA, Micaela's birthday, DH's oral surgery and a complete overhaul of my stamp room, it's just been a little NUTS!

To say my new job is keeping me busy would be an understatement! I am loving it but it is really testing my time management skills. Before I used to stay up late stamping, working on my blog and tinkering in my stamp room, now.... I have to go to sleep at a decent hour because I 'have to' get up in the morning.

I've had a few readers ask how my new job is going. Well, it is going well. I am loving what I am doing but I have found working for city government is VERY different than corporate America.

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  1. Welcome BacK! can't wait to see some Bloomin Post, it is the season.