Tuesday, March 4

Snow Day

We woke up to several inches of snow this moring. Can you believe snow in March? We've had snow as late as March 14 back in 89 when I was in college but it's been a long time. Micaela and I bundled up and went outside to play first thing this morning. We built a single snowman but he looked loney, so we built a family. I am pretty proud of our snow family... (I didn't grow up around snow, so I don't have snowman building experience). We used a Bundt pan cake dome and various bowls to make the bodies. We used raisins for eyes (didn't have any coal), a traditional carrot for the noses and apple wedges for the mouths. That's Daddy's Mercedes cap on the Daddy snowman, Micaela's bow and sunglasses on the baby snowman and my hat and scarf from the 80's (I knew I was keeping it for a reason) on the Mommy snowman. The girls needed a little bling so we added some beads from Micaela's dress up trunk. It was a fun morning.

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  1. Micaela is so lucky to have a mom that knows how to make so much FUN! Your snowmen are so cute! Snowmen is a memory my kids don't have living in Phoenix (poor, deprived children! lol!)