Monday, May 5


My Dad turns 84 today.  I can't believe it.  Most girls my age have much younger fathers and grandfathers my Dad's age. 

Here are two of my favorite pictures of my Dad and my Aunt Bettye. My Aunt B is two years younger than my Dad so she just turned 86.  (I hope I look that good when I am 86).

The top picture was taken in Kauai back in July when 30 plus family members met in Kauai for a destination family reunion to celebrate anniversaries and the bottom one was taken about 1933 when my Dad was about 3 and Aunt B about 5.... As you can see, it was really humble beginnings for them.  My Dad always tells the stories of segregated schools and very few opportunities for young Mexican American children.  He has always instilled a good work ethic and giving back to the community.  I feel so blessed and grateful that they are both in great health.  

Here's to 80 years of Sibling Love!

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