Friday, May 23

Orca Whale Zipper Pouch

When I first got my embroidery machine, I said I would make "every gift we gave as a family".  Sometimes making the making of these gifts drives me a little nuts but all in all, I enjoy it.

One of Micaela's buddies is a girl named Raven (cute name), Micaela and her have known each other since preschool.  Raven is facinated by sea life and loves Orca Whales.  When Micaela got invited to Raven's birthday party TOMORROW, she quickly told me we had to make her something with orca whales.  You know what I was thinking-- Yes, darling I have orca whale fabric in my stash--- Not!

Well, I went on a hunt and found some online and had it quickly shipped in so I could make our standard zipper bag gift. 


Needless to say, this is unique and Raven loved it.  I got it done right before midnight, she's headed to the party in the afternoon

I embroidered Raven in purple because it is her favorite color.

Here is the back of the zipper bag.

I used a black and white dot for the lining.  I really think it turned out cute!  I love how you can find fabric with just about anything printed on it.  This and all my zipper pouches are available in my Etsy store.

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