Sunday, February 2

Girl Scout Zipper Pouches

Girl Scout cookie sales continue in our part of North Texas.  Here are some of the Girl Scout Zipper Pouches I have made in the last couple of weeks.  I am so glad I hoarded this fabric four years ago. 

Here is one with green embroidery. 

 Hot Pink embroidery has been popular for many little girls.

This customer wanted a girly font instead of the Murray.
I have varied the lining to change things up a bit.   Here is pink and white hounds tooth.
Here is a green and white little tiny flower print, I thought it looked "girl scouty". 

I got lucky and found more of this green flower print online.  I think it matches the front of the pouch better than the gingham in the original pouch I made. 
Here is green and white hounds tooth. 
One Mom had two girls and requested just Cookie Business on their pouch, I varied the charm on this one and used a dollar instead of a tree. 

Here is a close up the dollar charm.  I love when I have the perfect charm-- the charm collection in growing by leaps and bounds as a result. 
It's been fun making all of these.  Little girls love their name in embroidery!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. sew sew cute! What pattern do you use for these pouches? I'm on the hunt for some new ones!