Monday, January 14

Birthday RAKS

RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness)

Last week I had a birthday. It comes two weeks after Christmas like clock-work! I have two more years of being able to say I am 30-something, then I hit 40 (gulp). In my immediate family (Parents & brother) we celebrate big on birthdays in increments of 5, the ones in between we lay low. Hubby has adopted the policy, so my birthday was a pretty uneventful day except for the three wonderful RAKs I received.

From Kristin Homoly, my very first official customer when I started as a demonstrator and the hostess of my first workshop in March 2006, (and hopefully a future member of my downline) I received this card....

From Jean Ashburner- another one of my first customers and the first member of my stamp club, I received this card.....

And from my second recruit Tina Maxwell, I received this gorgeous fabric covered box for keepsake cards.

Thanks ladies, your thoughtfulness touches my heart!

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