Thursday, October 17

Halloween Swap Items

Here are a few more items I have made for my partner for the Halloween Swap I am hosting. 

First...  This is tiny but I think they are so cute.  These are Hershey's Nugget candy covers I made out of felt.  This is a design from Embroidery Garden.  I think they can double as finger puppets.

Second...  This is a Halloween Zipper Pouch.  I've made this design before but this time I embroidered the name on the back. 

Third...  This is a bowl and fabric cover.  The bowl is a large melamine mixing bowl (like 12 inches in diameter).  I made a cover for it using some fun Halloween fabric. 

Here is a photo from the top.  Micaela our daughter thought it would work well as an old fashioned  Halloween shower cap

So, these three items, plus the Halloween Pillow, the Owl Pin Cushion, and the 3 monster treat bags along with some spools of ribbon and candy went out to my partner who lives Northwest of Dallas yesterday.  I hope she likes everything!

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