Sunday, January 8

Daffodils 2012

This is my third year to plant daffodils. In 2010, I planted daffodils around a tree in our front yard. In 2011, Micaela and I planted daffodils in one of the flower beds in our backyard. And now I have gone bananas! Micaela and I have planted about 300 bulbs in every pot I own and sparatically in our remaining flower beds. Not all the bulbs are daffodils, I've added dutch irises, tulips and hyacinth and paperwhites. We'll see how they come up. For now I am staring at pots of dirt with mulch on top!
I am most excited about some different daffodil varieties in some little pots. I got these special bulbs at North Haven Gardens when I attended a Texas Daffodil Society meeting. I picked the bulbs with cool names and pictures of more unusual flowers-- I am still learning so we'll see what comes up. If you look beyond the pots on the table in this picture, you can see a pot on the ground that already has some leaves starting to sprout through the mulch, I am so excited!
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