Thursday, December 1

Mini Sewing Machine Cover

Micaela has a tiny battery operated sewing machine that my Mom got her this summer, she loves it! She's been 'requesting' (nagging) that her machine does not have a cover like all of mine. I've been on the search for the perfect fabric for her since she's not fond of my red, black & yellow color scheme and recently while at Quilt Asylum I found some adorable "sewing theme" fabric called SEW by the Henley Studio. I knew she would love it because it's got PINK, her favorite color.

After much deliberation, we picked out a group of fabrics, ribbon and trim and went to work. After about an hour she was konked out on the day bed and I kept working until it was done. This is what we came up with! I think it turned out super cute. Sadly, I know she is going to outgrow this machine and we'll have to make another one to fit her next one!
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