Thursday, September 29

Three Twin Sets

I had a local custom order for a set of twin girls. The buyer wanted three pairs of matching burp clothes (no bibs) for twin girls who are totally into pink and green. Here's what I came up with.
This order turned out to be alot more difficult than I expected. Gia and Gemma don't work in well all fonts that are the same size. I had to try out many to avoid using a smaller font for the longer name. Nonetheless, I am glad to get this project photographed and out the door so I can move on to the next thing!

This is one of the standard fonts I use often. I don't usually do monochrome color schemes but the machine got ahead of me on the name part and I just had to let it keep going without changing the thread. Originally I was going to do a contrasting light green.
I had been wanting to try out these scroll designs for a while. I love how simple and elegant the scroll looks with the name in a contrasting color. The scroll fabric is from a local quilting store Quilt Asylum, I purchased it to do some funky Halloween stuff originally.
This is my favorite of the three sets. I love including middle names in personalized items if I can fit it in. The scrolls with flowers are from the same designer as the scroll above. It's hard to tell in the picture but the striped fabric has a faint scroll pattern in it.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sewing!

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