Monday, September 26

Fall Gardening

Our yard is in deep recovery mode from the summer heat and drought. I am focusing on keeping what I have left alive and adding a few containers for color. Trying to use what I learned at the Green Seminar on Fall Gardening I attended last week.
Planted all these pots myself.... Coleus in the back, orange celosia and red zinnias.. (probably too much for one pot)... we'll see in a few weeks how crowded this gets.

This is another coleus variety, I love the colors in this plant, the green and purple are so bright!

And last but not least, a Yellow chrysanthemum.

I really wanted to plant more but we are in a drought and are under Stage 2 water restrictions for our area. I don't want to go overboard with a bunch of plants that I should not be watering especially if we evolve to stage 3 water restrictions. Thanks for stopping by!

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