Wednesday, April 22

More Earth Day Books

Happy Earth Day.

I was shopping at our local Green Wal-Mart and just happened to browse through the kids books section. Found the "Why Should I" series of books. These books are cute and easy to read, perfect for preschoolers to 1st grade. Micaela is loving these because it totally relates to what Mommy talks about every day! Highly recommend these. Click on the titles to see Amazon listings.

Why Should I Recycle? Covers all the basics about recycling, even covers recycling vegetable scraps & composting.

Why Should I Save Energy? Covers all the basics of how fuel is made, energy conservation including carpooling, riding your bike instead of driving.
Why Should I Save Water? Covers all the basics of water conservation, including rain water harvesting!
Why Should I Protect Nature?

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