Saturday, December 13

Coming Up for Air....

Oh my goodness have we been busy. It seems like Thanksgiving was ages ago. We have alot going on in our family. Not only are we juggling the usual stuff like work, preschool, etc; It's a little more hectic than usual since DH works for UPS. It's kinda like I am a single parent during the month of December every year. Be nice to UPS men, they work hard to get your packages to you. On top of all the regular holiday stuff, we have two weddings in the next two weeks, one of my dearest friends Irma is getting married on Dec. 20th and I am the Matron of Honor and the day after Christmas my brother is getting married PLUS my parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a reception on the 27th. Just finding the perfect outfit for each event has been a difficult task... not to mention the regular Christmas shopping and task of doing work for KA.

I'll be happy when Jan 1st gets here!

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