Wednesday, April 30

New Endeavor

I've been praying for a nice, steady, part time job and I found the most perfect one. As of yesterday, I am one of the Environmental Education Specialists with the City of McKinney. I am so happy about this opportunity. This job couldn't be more perfect; it allows me to get back to my little mission of saving the earth (something I did full time with corporations for 10+ years before becoming a stay at home Mom), it gets me back in a REAL office, its flexible because I can totally set my own hours and it's rewarding (saving trees is kinda my thing). This opportunity has been in the works since before Easter but I got an official offer last week-- and yesterday was my first day. My main focus will be implementing and expanding the recycling efforts of the community. I will be making presentations and spreading the word with HOA's, civic organizations and the local schools. I am absolutely thrilled. I will work full days when DD is at preschool and a half day when she's home (after DH gets home). Don't worry-- I plan to continue as a demonstrator and my work with KitchenAid & Kitchen Consulting since it's been somewhat sporatic with the state of the economy.

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  1. Congratulations, Martha! Sounds like this new job is just PERFECT and an answer to prayer! I'm so very happy for you!