Wednesday, August 17

Bats in Austin

On our way home from Big Bend we stopped in Austin to spend the night. We arrived just in time to find our way over to the the Congress Avenue bridge in the dowtown area where 1.5 million bats live. This is the largest urban bat colony in North America.

I've heard of this place for years but was never in the area at the right time to 'observe'. People come from all over to watch this.

Bats eat several thousand insects a night! They love mosquitos! They play a key role in maintaining the balance of nature and greatly reduce the need for toxic pesticides. I now have a whole new appreciation for bats!

We arrived a little early and had time to enjoy popsicles and visiting with the other several hundred people who were there to watch the bats.

Here's a short video I took when the 1.5 million took flight for dinner, it was truly amazing to watch!

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