Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving Table

Just barely managed to take a quick picture of the table before packing up all of the fall decor and pulling out Christmas. Sorry it's just a placesetting picture, the rest was already packed before I realized I never took a picture this year...
Big Mix of dishes here....
  • The chargers are embossed with fall leaves, new-- got them this year.
  • The red scrolly plates are actually oversized dinner plates I got about 13 years ago when I was setting up my first townhouse in 1997. Only have four, wish I had at least 8. They were $20 at the time and I only managed 4 and a large serving bowl before the store sold out.
  • The bone china with gold rim is from my Dad's 2nd Mom and is nearly 100 years old. It's Pope Gosser China manufactured in the US in the early 1900's. The pattern is Washtonton and the back says "coin gold"-- something I have never seen before. My Dad says these were some of Mrs. MacDaniel's favorite plates and I am happy to have them.
  • The embossed plates are from Hobby Lobby... I have had them for about 10 years and luckly have several serving pieces in the same pattern.
  • The individual covered soup bowls I have had for about 10 years. I love these on the table and enjoy using them every year. I had the matching toureen and it broke during a move-- still recovering from that :(.

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