Sunday, July 11

Backyard Evolution Continues

The evolution in our back yard continues... A few weeks ago I showed the flower bed in front of the retaining wall. You can see that post here. Those pictures showed the back fence down (a spring storm blew a panel down). Rather than repair the fence, my hubby decided we needed to replace it. So, here it is after the first board was on...
Not real fond of that giant house behind us but that growth and expansion for ya! I personally preferred the big trees and cow pasture.

Drum roll please... Ta Da!
The second board is up and it's stained.

The grass behind the retaining wall and in front of the fence took a beating during the construction project. That will be the next project!
This is my favorite picture because it makes our "Charlie Brown" tree look BIG and majestic!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this post encourages you to start a big project in your back yard. This is proof, an elephant CAN BE eaten, one bite at a time.
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  1. Looks awesome! Enjoy all the fruits of your labors...

  2. Beautiful. The fence and the rocks really set the area off and provide a great backdrop for the plants.