Friday, March 7

Mardi Gras

We went to Mardi Gras in Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend and had a terrific time.  One of my dear friends lives in the historical district of the city and the parade passes right in front of her house.  We literally drove there and back and were home in 24 hours.  I had not been in more than ten years and hubby and daughter were newbies!  It was especially fun for them.

I tried to explain, the "people are different", "people on floats throw beads at you", "lots of Cajun food" but nothing could have prepared them for....

Parade Vendors.. Look at all this cheesy Mardi Gras stuff.  These carts were going up and down the street. 

Parade Tailgators.  I have many pictures of people like this but this one is my favorite.  Notice the beard matches the gold, purple and green stripes in his hair. 

Here is one of the floats, there were around 50!  It was after dark and very hard to photograph, these pictures do not do the floats justice 
Daughter and Hubby had a great time.  Micaela weighed an extra 10 lbs with all those beads around her neck, poor T had her on his shoulders for quite a while. 
Here we all are after the parade was over and we were checking out our loot indoors.  Look at all those beads.  PLUS, We had an additional 3 bags of stuff...  Micaela of course wanted to keep every single bit of it, who knows what we'll do with it when the newness wears off. 
Hope you had a great weekend. 

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